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Newsletter Spring 2016

Parent/Teacher Conferences

On Wednesday May 18th, you are invited to join us for an evening of “sharing” regarding your children’s learning and development. The teachers have been working hard with portfolio collection and work sampling assessment. They would love to have your input as we plan for the next steps for curricula and lessons for the rest of the year. We will be here from 6 pm to 8 pm that evening. Refreshments will be served. Families will be able to view their children’s portfolios, and confer with the teachers regarding their child’s progress. (Please realize that time will be limited.) If you desire a more formal conference, please set up an appointment with your child’s teacher for earlier that day, Tuesday May 17th or Thursday May 19th. We would love to see you all here!

School Age Spring Break

Spring break will be starting on Monday March 14th and ending on Monday March 28th. The children go back to school on Tuesday March 29th. The school age teachers have some fun activities and field trips planned to keep the children entertained. Some activities include: Family Museum  Park visits  Outdoor Games  Crafts  Skate City  Easter Activities  Botanical Center Please make sure you receive a calendar of events (check for it in the office). Also, please make sure your child(ren) are dressed appropriately for the weather as they will be going outside whenever possible.

Outdoor Work Day

The May 7th workday has been cancelled and will be moved to a later date. Any family volunteers will be greatly appreciated. We will provide lunch and drinks for all who help. Please bring your own gloves if needed. Please help us to get our outdoor environment a certified Nature Explore classroom! To learn more about the nature explore classroom please visit for more information. Hope to see you here!

Tuition Express Payments

We are now changing the way that we collect and process tuition and fee payments. Tuition Express, part of our ProCare Software management system, will allow us to process tuition and fee payments safely, quickly, and efficiently. Tuition Express allows us to now accept credit and debit card payments, as well as electronic fund transfers. Your tuition and fee payments will be paid automatically and on a schedule that we both agree upon. In A Kid’s World can produce a receipt for the payment or you can receive instant email notification by signing up at . Your personal account information is safe with Tuition Express – safer, in fact, than paying by check. Complete one of the attached Tuition Express enrollment forms. You must choose one of the options listed for making payments. Please return your completed form to the office by the end of March. Thank you for helping us with this.


Things from Home

Parents are asked to keep their children’s personal belongings, such as toys, purses, and jewelry, at home because of possible breakage and problems with regulating use. They may occasionally bring a CD or book for the teacher to play or read, but please make sure the items are marked with first and last name.  Please remember we are not responsible if personal belongings are lost or broken.

Change of Clothes

Since the weather is turning nicer, please remember to bring in a current change of clothes for your child. We will be going outside every day, so chances of getting dirty are more likely than through the winter months. Also, please make sure your children are dressed appropriately for the weather.  

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