· Parents Page·

Parents are very important to us at In A Kid’s World. From the first day that a family enrolls, we make it a priority to build a trusting relationship with the children’s primary caregivers. We have devoted this space to our families. As the caregiver of a child enrolled here, you will receive a User Name and Password. You will then have access to specific information on the class your child attends. Passwords will be changed monthly to ensure that only currently enrolled families have access to any potentially confidential information. The teachers will be able to post current pictures and news regarding events for their classrooms.
Because parents are so very important to a child’s overall development, we encourage our families to be actively-involved in our program. We offer monthly Activity Nights for our PreK families. You are all welcome to stop in anytime, to volunteer on field trips, or to provide other help in whatever way you are able.

If you have an area of expertise that the children could learn about, please let us know about it!