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October 2023

Trick or Treat

Bust out the costumes and stock up on candy, it’s officially that time of year again! Check out the link below to see when the fun officially starts. Make sure to join us for some fun Halloween activities, too!

QC Trick or Treat Times

Staying Warm


The temperature is dropping, but that doesn’t mean the outdoor fun has to stop! We believe in the importance of play, as it helps children develop their motor skills and helps them burn off some energy. Please remember to send your kids with the proper attire, because we certainly don’t want them to freeze!

Helping the Shy Ones

Shyness should not be stigmatized. The world is a big and scary place to young kids, and they’ll need a little help realizing their social potential. We’re here to help you help them! In the article below, you will find many tips and tricks that you can use in your own time to help your quieter children come out of their shell in a way that’s safe and comfortable for them.

Helping The Shy Ones


Though you may not like to think about it, your little ones will one day grow up to be adults–and some adults are more prepared for the real world than others. By teaching your kids to identify problems as they arise, and solve them with their words and thinking skills, your kids will be taking care of themselves in no time!

Teaching Your Child to Problem Solve

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